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Hank's Photo Gallery
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Joy Kurtz and Hank
On Wednesday, April 29th, 2009, Hank Johnson was a guest at a career day presentation at Martin Van Buren High School. Joy Kurtz, shown in photo with Hank Johnson (taken in the school library), invited Hank to discuss the business of music, career as a musician, and allied areas for students to explore and continue their education. It is noted that this school was run professionally, and students were very responsive. There was a true sense and atmosphere of learning as students were serious about career day and the opportunities out there, and the fact that this event provides for the suggestion of possible goals and direction for students. Hank demonstrated the blues and improvisation skills and imagination necessary for a jazz pianist. Other allied fields of study were also mentioned to spark interest, direction, and suggestions about career development.

the trio at fund raiser

the trio with Bob Friedrich Here we see the trio at a fund raising event for Bob Friedrich, who is running for New York City Council. At left is bassist "Cool" Mike Fitzbenjamin, in the center is drummer Gary Smith, and on the right is Hank.

In the second photo, Bob Friedrich joins them. Hank is endorsing Bob Friedrich for City Councilman in the upcoming Democratic primary. You can visit his website here.

local 802 party

This was Local 802's annual party (2009). Pictured from left to right are David Finick, Lou Bruno, Stuart H. Tresser (Hank Johnson), Unknown Lady, Ian Finkel "World's Greatest Xylophonist".

at Brooklyn College certificate On March 11, 2010, Hank performed on a Steinway concert grand at the Brooklyn College main auditorium in Brooklyn South's "Got Talent" show.

The 71st Precinct Community Council acknowledged Hank's work playing the piano before their monthly meetings (the third Thursday of every month).
71 Precinct honors Hank

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