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How about a sample of Hank's playing? - it's track 1 of his latest CD. This is a good quality MP3 file, and if you're using a dial-up connection, it may take a while to download - it's nearly 4 megs.

  • Click here to hear A La Mode

    Here is a link to the famous Canadian jazz pianist Paul Tobey performing an original Stuart Tresser composition, After The Storm. Make sure you're signed in to Instagram and unmute it to hear it: After The Storm

    Here are a couple of tunes performed by Hank at the historic Jazz 966 in Brooklyn. Among others participating is the notable bassist Stanley Banks. While he was alive, Dr Sam Pinn presided over this live music venue.
    Hank's Original Composition: Calypso Bay

    On The Trail

    Here is Hank with his trio (Gary Smith on drums and Mike Fitzbenjamin on bass) on Thursday November 3, 2022 at The National Jazz Museum in Harlem presented by The Jazz Foundation of America.

    Original compositions along with some standards.

    Here are some live performances by Hank at the City Cafe in Garden City, New York

    Medly: Dream With Me and It's My Tune

    I Gotta Find Love

    The Miles Davis tune "Four" with Gary Smith on drums and Mike Fitzbenjamin on bass at Jazz 966:

    "Hymn to Freedom" with Thomas Gargano on bass and Clay Herndon on drums at Jazz 966:

    "Try to Remember" from The Fantasticks" (at a private party):

    Here are some live performances by Hank and others at the local 802AFM headquarters in New York with thanks to The Jazz Foundation of America and the Jazz Corner

    Alone Together

    You Stepped Out of a Dream

    But Not For Me

    Au Privave

    Well You Needn't

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