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The Hank Johnson Trio CD

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Track 1: A La Mode (Stuart H. Tresser - BMI) 4:10
Track 2: Misty Sea of Love (Stuart H. Tresser - BMI) 2:58
Track 3: Ben Skelton's Theme (Stuart H. Tresser - BMI) 1:37
Track 4: I've Gotta Find Love (Stuart H. Tresser - BMI) 4:37
Track 5: I Wanna Be My Own Man (Gerald Deas, M.D.) 2:54
Track 6: Cosmos (Stuart H. Tresser - BMI) 2:44
Track 7: Love Is Gone (Stuart H. Tresser - BMI) 3:46
Track 8: Calypso Bay (Stuart H. Tresser - BMI) 1:19
Track 9: Jazz Bone (Stuart H. Tresser - BMI) 1:49
Track 10: Spider Blue (Stuart H. Tresser - BMI) 1:38
Track 11: June Moon (In An August Sky) (Stuart H. Tresser - BMI) 1:52
Track 12: Tit Willow (Public Domain) Sullivan (Solo Piano) 2:59
Track 13: St. James Infirmary (Public Domain) 2:50
Track 14: Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey (Public Domain) 2:50
Track 15: St. Louis Blues (Public Domain) W.C. Handy 7:01
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