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Hank's Photo Gallery
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Jamaica Hospital

This was a recent outdoor gig at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center Health Fair. From left to right we see Wayne Ragland on guitar, Hank Johnson on electric keyboard, "Cool Mike" Fitzbenjamin on bass, saxophone player sitting in, Mike Riddley on trumpet and conga drums.

Abbracciamento staff

Here we have a group shot of the staff from the former restaurant Abbracciamento On The Pier at Canarsie Pier where Hank performed.

We're going to to press - setting up to print some of the books of sheet music by Stuart Tresser.
Hank at the printing press sheet music
bucket of ink The real Jazzbone

Could it be the real Jazzbone at the wheel? He came to pay his respect.

Jazzbone II Jazzbone II

And this is the successor mascot, Jazzbone II, in his garden at home.

Jazzbone and Hussleman

A new friend

Jazzbone II

And now, sadly, Jazzbone II has also passed away. After a long period of health issues, he succumbed early in the morning on September 23rd, 2021. Many people were attached to him, and he even had his fans. He enjoyed music and musicians and would often hang out at jam sessions.

He will be missed.

Here are a few historic pictures given to the Tresser Printing Office Archives by the late Long Island jazz club owner Sonny Meyerowitz. We start with some very big names in the jazz world. If you don't recognize all the faces, you can probably make out the handwriting below.
All Stars

Looks like Charlie "Bird" Parker just before Jazz at the Philharmonic. Maybe he wasn't always late.

Here are some more big names from the bebop era. Among them are Charlie Parker, Oscar Peterson (with the white hat and black band), bassist Ray Brown, and Barney Kessel. Do you recognize any of the others? Please let us know.

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