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A word from the publisher and composer....

These artist copies are provided free of charge to you in the hopes of promoting same. It seems that not too many people are writing tunes with the old standards and quality that invites fine players with with imagination to explore new ideas! As a pianist/composer, it is my intention to leap into the 21st century with new tunes and ideas, and I hope to continue where composers like Gershwin, Porter, Arlen, and others left off! It seems that the music has become stagnant because there are no more of the great composers of the 20th century! Most have died, stopped writing, and because we have lost a generation of young people to budget cuts in music education in the schools where music is taught; there has been a void or vacuum.

Where are our next generation of Duke Ellingtons going to come from? Young people are being exposed to crap on the radio! Why? Because it makes money and disregards traditional standards of excellence! Recently, I went into a high school in New York City and asked the simple question of: who was Louis Armstrong? I also asked who was Duke Ellington? The response I got was shocking! Nobody knew, or ever heard of 'em! However, when I mentioned Ice Tea, or Two Live Crew and Biggie Smalls, everyone knew or heard of 'em! Our young people are being exposed to what I call money making crap, and